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Wounded Healer: We all suffer but some turn it to great purpose. In initiation if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't mean anything.


Souls seek their spiritual connection - with self - a savior - God - higher consciousness. We seek to return to our primordial roots and our celestial heights. But what does that mean? Return to do what? Save the wounded souls from what? Lead them where?

The wounds of the 3D experience give way to balance and movement to higher levels of consciousness. It is about letting go of the ties that bind you to the emotions of the physical realms and the rebirth of your soul/consciousness in higher being and light - higher frequency of thought and understanding.

Saviors have experienced great pain and suffering - wounds inflicted and imprinted on their soul. Human consciousness has become aware that it is dysfunctional and needs healing to create balance. Our emotions range from love to the pain inflicted by the wounds we and those around us create. It is in truth all about growth and experience which is why we often feel abandoned by our god-figure who allows us to suffer. We spend much of our time healing our wounds. We come to metaphysics or drugs for answers we cannot find in the world - for our souls know the physical is not the whole truth.

Those healed become the healers...but it is a continuous process of healing, in which consciousness is being awakened. The 'wounds' - of many lifetimes need to heal.... This is the spiritual pulse. But what happens when the Wounded Healer is healed and has had enough drama with healing? Then they are shown the truth behind the illusion of reality. The difficulties in our lives are initiations for a higher calling. It becomes easier to forgive whatever seemed to bring the difficulty upon us. It's about reframing the entire experience of our challenges by seeing the perfection in them, seeing that they are necessary steps toward transformation and wholeness.

Who is The Wounded Healer?... the person who has gone through a Dark Night of the Soul, deep depression, great suffering, mental illness or breakdown - and as a result of that process has become a source of great wisdom, healing power and inspiration for others. In fact, the archetypal wounded healer undergoes a transformation as a result of their wound, their suffering and pain. They can actually transcend it, and successfully lead themselves to a path of service. It is as if the wound itself helps you drive yourself to an inner journey that becomes the transformation itself. One strips away the selfish, ego-based feeling of being all alone in our wound and expands to see others and how if one chooses a different role, one can help.

The Wounded Healer is often the Victim - He who must suffer the wounds of life to understand.


"We Are Angels," unretouched photo by Ben Lonetree, Sedona. By paying attention to our experiences, learning the ways of releasing them, and understanding the art of spiritual transformation, we can lift up all woundedness and enter the realms of light. 


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