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What's New with My Site?

 In Memory of Tom Lyttle


    When I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Lyttle, he became an instant fan, impressed by my powerful Goddess, kali like womanhood, and sexual dynamism and debauchery. He said, “Scarymary would make Marquis de Sade blush!”  My emancipation extends to the point of male domination as a career. I am an Artist and a pro-domme, and I live a fetish life style as a painter of vampires, nudes, and future cities, a writer and star of such works as “A documentary of a Modern day Lillith”.  I heard from Tom’s right hand man, Acid-Scott, that he was beyond himself, consumed with thoughts of me.  Tom had told everyone possible, in the lunatic fringe culture, about me.


   He and I connected in the 6th sense, the 3rd eye, and the pineal gland. We morphed into our other selves, the one on the other side. He transformed into a druid and I a tall beautiful Goddess with the Medusa hair of snakes. He wanted MORE MORE MORE of Scarymary. So I shared my work and my vision with him. The very last time I saw Tom, he was a guest at one of my video parties, depicting my sexual shenanigans, where he pretty much sat in a chair, observing the antics, from a safe distance.


    Tom often spoke of the other side. We shared a spiritual connection. He saw in me a voodoo priestess incarnate. Perhaps he sensed my last soul for I am confident that if a being is enjoying a great happiness and love in this lifetime, that being is in his or her last life. The other side is just a time-travel away, and yet it mirrors life. He could perhaps see the mirror itself, when it came to me.  Somewhere in a parallel universe we are all other dimensions of ourselves. In some universes, we are living our dream. The question is which one would you keep?


    Yes I have used LSD, Peyote, mushrooms, marijuana, and all varieties there of. I have seen these other universes, and the portals, and I have pictures of time travelers. They are the same as ghosts. They are the energy of our pupils in our eyes, charged by a flash of a camera. As if someone were looking in… with a high-energy mega-pixel soul. Orbs, dark shadows and white clouds, lights traveling in a tube like form; I have all of these on film. It is second nature to me. Tom was a spiritual man that understood my powers, and saw me as far back as the beginning of woman. Now he is only a mirror away.


    He was at times a quiet intellectual man, and other times the notorious maniac with a child like chagrin. Like when he listened to my band; SCARYMARY and her EVOLPETZ, he was rejuvenated and smiled like a kid in the candy store. Acid Scott says Tom used to put a postage stamp on his for-head, to prevent himself from being arrested.  His theory being that he was now property of the US postal service, and immune to arrest and prosecution by authorities. He would spend his last cent on art and books and religious artifacts and forget totally about food rent or bills.


    Tom believed in the other side. He believed in the spirit world and consequential evolution of man and spirit in both realms. It’s hard to find someone whom sees beyond consensus reality, and into the soul of an individual. He believed that SCARYMARY is as old as the beginning of time, the first woman, the goddess of destruction and re-birth, Dionysian, the vampire, emancipated female with spear in hand and hair of snakes. This is a world in which all creatures are bowing in my wake, including him. He admitted he was a repressed, anal-retentive child/man with strict catholic upbringing, and hoped that I would unleash his pent up sexuality.


     I miss him profoundly and yet still feel his presence in my life. It will be an honor to continue in his footsteps in the realm of psychedelic art.    SCARYMARY SANTA  

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