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NEW - 5/5/2016 Tom Lyttle Commemorative Blotter Art

Thomas Lyttle (b. 5-5-55 / d. 9-5-08) was Publisher and Editor of the kaleidoscopic journal PSYCHEDELIC MONOGRAPHS & ESSAYS, the books PSYCHEDELICS and PSYCHEDELICS REIMAGINED (Autonomedia). Later, he sold signed blotters of non-impregnated blotter art. His articles were published by Feral Press, Disinformation, High Times, Boing Boing, New Times, Paranoia, many scholarly journals and underground zines. His blotter art included signed editions by pop icons Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, Peter Fonda, Allan Ginsberg, John Lilly, Ken Kesey, Ram Dass, Ira Cohen, Laura Huxley, Annie Sprinkle, Robert Anton Wilson, Alex Grey, H.R. Giger, Laurence Gartel and other noted figures of the international underground. His insightful interviews included Peter Stafford, Peter Gorman, Dan Merkur, Dr. Rick Strassman, Robert Venosa (Heads), Alex Grey (High Times), Lisa Law (Heads) Jay Fikes, Paul Krassner, Clark Heinrich, and more.

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Blotter measures 9 x 11 inches and is

perforated into 1,036 1/4 inch squares.

It is offset printed using vegetable based inks

and professionally perforated.


Payment. 49.99 & 6.00 s&h