Holy Grail

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This is the Holy Grail of Blotter Art


Albert Hofmann / Timothy Leary Signed Blotter Art

Ladies and Gentlemen - Up for your consideration is the Holy Grail of Blotter Art collecting. There is no blotter art print more desirable or more valuable. This print was signed in 1994 by Dr. Albert Hofmann and Dr. Timothy Leary. Dr. Hofmann signed this print exactly 51 years after his first planned LSD experience. There are only 25 in existance. The ownership of many of these prints remains hidden in secrecy. Here is your chance to join an elite club, an opportunity which you may never have again. Unfortunate circumstances force this reluctant sale.

This is the story about this print as best I recall. If there are any errors I apologize. If knowledgable persons contact me convincing me I am incorrect I will stand corrected. Robert Demarest, a well known rare book collector in Florida, as well as Thom Lyttle and Mark McCloud are responsible for having these elusive prints signed by Dr. Hofmann. Robert wrote several letters to Dr. Hofmann and convinced him to sign 25 of these prints. At the time, Dr. Hofmann thought these prints were "modern art." He obliged Mr. Demarest by signing and returning 24 of the prints, keeping one for himself. The prints were then given to Timothy Leary to add his signature. From there, the prints were distributed amongst the parties involved. Several of the prints stayed in the possession of Timothy Leary, several went to Mr. Demarest, several to Mr. Lyttle, and several to Mr. McCloud. In all fairness, I should mention that Kevin Barron was the man behind the production of the blotter art print itself.

This print in particular was obtained by myself from Thom Lyttle. I was a friend of Thom's and had some joint ventures into the world of art with him. Thom and I published Laurence Gartel, HR Giger, and Peter Fonda as collectible works of blotter art. For those that don't already know, Thom recently passed away.

This print has been stored in the double glazed frame you see here. The past few years it has been kept in my closet, protected from light, yet hidden in darkness. Something this significant should be displayed proudly, something that I hope it's new owner will be able to do.

Please take some time to study the photos I have provided. I have placed a watermark on the images to reduce the possibility of their misuse. This watermark is digital and does not appear on the art itself. I will be happy to provide additional images or information to interested parties. I will also be happy to speak by telephone with individuals who are interested in adding this rarity to their collection. You can call 1-888-Tim-Leary (888-846-5327). It is with a heavy heart that I offer this listing.

I am stating the obvious by saying that there will never be another work of art created with these two signatures. We can agree that this art is rare and very expensive. Some of the best things in life are. The others are free. Carpe Diem.

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